5 Barbers 5 Cuts

We took five UK barbers and five of our new training heads and asked them to create something special that defined style and outlined skill.

The results... Outstanding!


Mike Taylor

Passionate about his profession and a stalwart of British barbering, Mike has been a barber for over 25 years, having opened his first barbershop in Newbury aged 20. Mike now successfully manages seven barbershops across Hampshire and Dorset. As well as working behind the chair in his barbershop in Bournemouth, Mike is a founder of the British Barbers’ Association, a trade organisation dedicated to offering support, advice and a range of products, marketing and financial services, training and competitions exclusively to barbers and men’s hairdressers in the UK. In addition, Mike is also on the board of the Hairdressing Council and Barbering Council – the only government backed trade organisation whose campaign is to raise standards and make our industry self-regulated.

Mike Taylor - Expert Barber
Jim Williams - The Barber Envy

Jim Williams aka The Barber Envy

Jim Williams is not only one of our favourite people to go to for fresh ideas and inspiration these days, especially on his Insta feed @thebarberenvy, but he’s also an industry expert in his own right

Having worked in the trade for over 10 years, Jim’s risen through the ranks as a bonafide barber with over 10 thousand dedicated followers on Instagram alone, this guy is going places. Now managing Baldys Barber (if you haven’t heard of it get onto Google search now!) he also works as an Ambassador for Andis and as an Ambassador for Icandy Scissors.

If that’s not enough Jim has just launched his first beard oil, Miso Thirio, the first of its kind, designed specifically to work in harmony with the natural oils produced by the skin using a blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients. The result, healthy skin and bear hair. This is the first a range to come from JIM, so keep your eyes on this hot new talent.

Kieron Price aka Kieron The Barber

Kieron Price began his career as a certified hairdresser prior to making the switch to full-time barbering. For the past 13 years, he's honed his barbering skills and is currently a qualified barbering assessor and barbershop manager, where he manages the business' social media across various platforms. When not busy behind the chair, he teaches seminars at the London School of Barbering and hair industry events. Kieron is a past winner of a British Master Barbers Award and is a founding member of the New World Barbers.

Kieron Price AKA Kieron The Barber
Baldy, of Baldy's Barbershops in Buckinghamshire


Baldy is a barber, instructor and owner of three Baldy's Barbershops located around Buckinghamshire. He began his career at a unisex salon at age 15 and at 21 decided to focus exclusively on cutting men's hair. Now, with over three decades of men's grooming experience, he teaches regular courses at the London School of Barbering and other academies around the UK. In addition, he trains up to four apprentices each year at his barbershops. Baldy proudly describes himself as "a modern barber with a very old school style."



Tommy Pipkin is a barber and student at Baldy’s Barbershops located in Buckinghamshire. He began his career in 2014 at 18 and decided to focus exclusively on cutting men's hair. In 2016 Tommy won the Student Barber of the Year, which cemented his Barbering skills and his position within the industry. Now with over 5000 Instagram followers and growing, there is certainly much more to come from this talented young barber.

Tommy Pipkin of Baldy's Barbershop